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Magnetic Goliath Tank Bag

Magnetic Goliath Tank Bag

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The Goliath “Magnetic” tank bag is designed with a shoulder strap and is a very convenient and versatile tank bag whether you ride far or just around the city. A holding capacity of 8 litres, allows you to carry everything you may need for a day trip.Simply place the bag on your tank and 4 powerful magnets carefully positioned, securely hold on to the tank. No need for any alternative mounting options.The bag has been tested at speeds of upto 120 kmph and it does not move a millimeter once placed on the tank. There is a double brass zipper on the outside for quick access, while the inner zipper is great to hold your personal belongings. The strong belted shoulder strap allows you to use the bag for daily use even when you are not riding your motor cycle. The design is so versatile the bag can double up as a gym bag too.The double zipped metal zipped design not only looks stylish but also makes it easy to swing open and close the bag .Riding comes with its own unpredictable weather and just to counter that, the bag comes with a waterproof rain cover.The front leather loop gives you the option of adding our magnetic phone case and our belted magnetic case ( sold separately)
Combinations : You can also choose from the following combinations to get more out of the Goliath Tank Bag.

1) Goliath Magnetic Tank Bag with Phone Pouch: The Phone Pouch is a leap away from the ugly and cumbersome phone holders. . Mounts on the Tank Bag using two snaps that can also be used to snap it to a belt. The Pouch is built with a customized transparent sheet which is easy to use and navigate. Two imported magnets at the back enable it to be used just as it is on the bike as well.
2) Goliath Magnetic Tank Bag with Tank Pouch: The Tank Bag combined with the sleekness of the Tank Pouch is the perfect pairing for a nice biking. The Tank Pouch mounts perfectly on the Bag using the belt snaps at the back.
3) Goliath Magnetic Tank Bag + Tank Pouch + Phone Pouch: Get the complete package to be used depending on how you choose to ride on that day. The complete package also comes at a much sweeter price.

Care Instructions

Leather is a natural material that ages nicely, but using it excessively or exposing it to extreme weather can cause damage. Cleanse gently using a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth and let it air dry, in case of a spill. Exposure to direct sunlight can result in the natural fading of leather color. Scratches and marks on the product are indicative of their genuine quality. Store the leather products in dust bags to keep their shape intact and prevent creases.


  • 30cm X 18cm X 15.5cm
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