There comes a point in everyone’s life when we get an inner calling to really follow the heart – it is more definite when the heart is in sync with the mind and soul. After spending over 2 decades in the international business arena, creating products for other global brands, I wanted to bring high quality leather products from the factory directly to a customer - without the traditional brick and mortar costs involved, without middlemen and thats how Tanners Pride was born. In short, Tanners Pride brings you exquisite quality at value for money prices.



Tanners Pride is a relatively new brand but the roots of experience come with a formal background in manufacturing and design. This along with years of street smart experience helps us bring you high quality leather products. While established brands use fancy names like full grain tanned leather, brass fittings etc. these all an intrinsic part of our standard raw materials that go into making some timeless pieces. We have developed a small collection that we believe includes some of the finest biking accessories, bags, wallets, portfolios available. But it is our endeavor to constantly keep learning, refining and tweaking to improve ourselves with every production cycle.