We at Tanners Pride are here to revive what we are traditionally good at - handmade and hand crafted premium leather goods that have a soul. Tanners Pride has evolved bearing 2 key principles in mind. Firstly, to present to you our products using some of the highest grades of leather directly from our factory floor, thereby,
eliminating the traditional brick and mortar stores and those high retails costs involved. Secondly, to bring you the latest trends, which we would want you to wear for years, even decades to come and all this at value for money prices.


Compare prices and quality with some of the names around and you will see that our merchandise is priced at a minimum of 30% lower costs and superior quality. Instead of wearing out, our leather
will wear in and get better with time as you use it every day. The art of creating truly fine leather products hasn’t changed over the years.


At Tanners Pride, we pay attention to carefully select our raw materials with a strict eye for details down to the minutest. We make our own brass fittings which are customized precisely as per our product requirement. Our products are 100% Made in INDIA with our leather sourced from factories who manufacture top quality skins strictly as per international standards.


Over the years of being into the export business, we have understood that when the input materials quality is not compromised and the craftsmen working on our products are all bringing 15+ years of experience, the output will be a top notch product. We pride ourselves for our hand woven bags, knowing fully well that all the hours invested in it will bring you years of satisfaction. Thanks for supporting us and our family of skilled and dedicated team through our journey.



There is craft and authenticity in every stitch. That unmistakable human touch is the hallmark of our work, which is our way of paying homage to the classic methods of our ancestors. We pride ourselves in the fact that our merchandise is the same as those established decades ago, which is the soul of our current products. While our methods and instruments are those that have been perfected over decades, our styles are imaginative and inspired!


The accuracy of our highly skilled craftsmen who weave and hand punch each bag showcases the epitome of hand-eye coordination. Every handmade part that goes on to the final body of our products is finished to perfection – a tribute in some ways to how gifted we all are. Our leather is cut with iron knives that are sharpened each time to bring out the finest cuts. It is our attention to these small, seemingly less significant details that makes our products stand apart.

We welcome you to join us in experiencing the joy of owning one of our masterpieces!