About Us

At Tanners’ Pride, we truly believe that we are game changers. Why, you ask? It’s because we ship all our products directly from our factory to your doorstep. By getting rid of the traditional brick and mortar costs and the middlemen involved in the supply chain process, we make it possible to drastically reduce the cost of our state-of-the-art product, a benefit that is directly passed on to you! 

Go ahead and compare the quality and price of ours with those of similar products to recognise the superiority of our products in terms of calibre and cost.

Who We Are

Everyone has their passion…for me is leather..nice good leather because no other material has the strength, durability, and resilience..to give shape to your accessory as per your need be it a wallet or a bag.

At Tanners Pride, we use only the finest quality of full grain leathers which has that distinct natural raw sensuous feeling that an only a carefully selected skin processes, the leather is supple, durable and has that timeless look to it. The leather gets better as it ages and gets a nice mature look to it.

The leather gets better as it ages creating unique one-off pieces that will gain character over time

Vernon Correa
Founder & CEO

There comes a point in everyone life when we get an inner calling to really follow the heart..its more definite when the heart is in sync with the mind and soul. Tanners pride was born when after spending over 2 decades in the international business creating products for other brands..I decided and wanted to bring high quality leather products from my factory direct to a customer..without the traditional brick and mortar costs involved which eventually add up to those high prices.

Tanners pride is a new brand..but the roots of experience come with a formal background it manufacturing and design..this along with years of street smart experience helps us bring you high quality leather products.

While the bigger guys use fancy names like brass fittings..full grain tanned leather…all this is part of our standard raw materials..that go into making some timeless pieces.

We have developed a small collection that’s we believe includes some of the finest bags, wallets, portfolios available. But it is our endeavor to constantly keep refining…learning and tweaking to improve ourselves with every production cycle.

Our Craftmanship

There are craftsmanship and authenticity in every stitch. That unmistakeable human touch is the hallmark of our work, which is our way of paying homage to the classic methods of our ancestors. We pride ourselves in the fact that our machines and tools are the same as those established decades ago, which is the soul of our current products. While our methods and instruments are those that have been perfected over decades, our styles are imaginative and inspired!

Handcrafted by artisans

The accuracy of our highly skilled craftsmen who weave and hand punch each bag showcases the epitome of hand-eye coordination. Every handmade part that goes on to the final body of our bags is finished to perfection: a tribute in some ways to how gifted we all are. Our leather is cut with iron knives that are sharpened each time to bring out the finest cuts. It is our attention to these small, seemingly less significant details that makes our products stand apart.

We welcome you to join us in experiencing the joy of owning one of our masterpieces!